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Garage Door Remote Clicker

Garage Door Remote Clicker
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Most garage door opener system issues we get at Garage Door Repair Leesburg are related to remote clickers. This is understandable, as the remote is the only part that is actually mobile. The rest of the garage door opener system stays where it should – in the garage. The remote clicker is carried around by its user, often stored in cars, or in drawers and even in pockets, depending on its size. Sometimes it finds its way in the clutches of mischievous children or curious pets, which can bring a lot of problems.

We often receive calls about missing or broken remote clickers.

Garage Door Remote ClickerOnes that were thrown, chewed on or flattened by heavy objects. We cannot stress how important it is to take care of the remote clicker, since this is one part that is most likely to break down and wear and tear. Our same day services on garage door opener systems include remote clickers as well.

Broken or Missing Remotes

Broken remotes are a common sight here at our company. That is why our team of expert technicians is trained to recognize and conduct repairs on all remote clicker brands and models available in the market today. With every new door opener system that is introduced in the market, we make sure that we stay on top of it and update our team about it. We have the right tools, skills and manpower at our disposal to handle even the most complicated or advanced garage door opener systems available. This is to ensure that all repair remotes are as good as new and last for a long time.

There are times when remotes are beyond repair. In cases like these, we feel it's more economical to just opt for a replacement, rather than trying to fix the remote. We are a company that works in tandem with the most popular and reputed manufacturers in the garage door industry. This gives us the ability and resources necessary to provide correct replacement for any lost or badly damaged remote clickers.

Security is always a main concern when it comes to door opener systems. Remotes can be misplaced or stolen. This is why we often recommend and perform upgrades to enhance the security of your door. Older door systems rely on a frequency that the sensor and the remote share. However, anybody that taps into that frequency can open the door using a universal remote, compromising your security. We offer upgrades to a random secure access code system, where the system generates a random code each time the garage door opener is used.

All materials, parts and accessories used for all door opener repairs and replacements come from reputed manufacturers. Just like our other services, remote clicker repair and replacement is also available on the same day.

Contact us today and enjoy the difference of better garage door opener system care!

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